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Dream League Soccer 2019 game has been officially released on Android here I will immediately review the Dream League Soccer 2019.

We start from the basic display for the dream league soccer 2019 cover now, it’s just different from the previous version of Dream League Soccer which usually carries 2 player figures starting from city A with the next direction until the previous Dream League Soccer 2018 with this from the snail name is also different originally Dream League Soccer only used in 2004 in the year of Dream League Soccer 2019.

In terms of menu features I think that for Dream League Soccer 2019, which is now more elegant, starting to swap multiplayer and new player added Raven. I will review multiplayer, at least we have to finish 4 more matches if it’s already the multiplayer feature will open the same as the previous version to play Dream League Soccer Multiplayer with players all over the world required to use an internet connection.

Whereas for local multiplayer here you can play offline already connected to a WI-Fi network or hotspot which is the same as how to play this Dream League Soccer 2019.

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Dream League Soccer Apk 2019
New Skills in Dream League Soccer Apk 2019
  • Swip up, and fast swip left side
  • Volley Magic
Key Features in Dream League Soccer Apk 2019

The Very key match moments with more detail are given, check out you goals and saves just after the match. Put the “Highlights” button in the bottom-left corner after the match has ended to view these.

We’ve been tracking performance and player movements over the last few months to bring you up-to-date FIPFP team data. Head to the transfer market and sign your favorite player now

Endurance and challenge modes have been added to events. Look out for those new formats in the coming weeks and push your team to the limit to gain medals and rewards.


Game NameDream League Soccer 2019
Size of the Game65 MB + 290 MB
Version for Andriod4.4 version of android or more
Updated VersionV6.11
Updated DateAugest 12 2020
Designer and Developer of the DLS First Touch Games Ltd.

Detail Description

Open the career menu to go to the next match League fixture to go straight to the next match The management team arranges the formation to replace the player who sets the statistics that will be applied in the transfer match to buy and sell the players we want you can change the stadium or you can check the extent of the program you have managed

Dismantling SIM identity by making changes ranging from costume color logos to team names according to your desired identity can be done in the costume menu.

We can also do training if we feel that we are not familiar with the game system in this game to train to be better in the competition, including free training, corner penalties and free corner kicks.

There is no free fire feature in Dream League Soccer 2019 so, it is very limited only in Dream League Soccer 18 before we start the match here I will check some of the players who have the highest overall in Dream League Soccer 2019

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This still has the highest overall coverage of 92 in terms of its different shapes previously given not here it looks more fresh with the latest reflections for the second overall here there is its eternal rival Cristiano Ronaldo has an overall of 91 third place from PSG player Neymar Junior with 90 letters that have a locale above 90 are indeed only 3 of these players for 89 there is a wave of Luis Suarez and goalkeeper David de Gea Mohamed Wrong 8887 there is Antonio Griezman Sergio Aguero Lewandowski Modric Kevin De Brune.

As for players, only some of them look more active, but most of them are not much different from before we did the match from here it’s pretty clear, of course different from the previous version, which looks a lot of FX, so the game sometimes lags, you can see for yourself, friends here, all of them are also very easy and very comfortable.

we will be faced with various competitions ranging from the lower class to the highest caste there are 6 official competitions starting from the academy in efficient 3D Vision 2 Davidson 1 Elite elite academics here also do not include formatted competitions based on our ability to review along with the increasing competition we follow it, the more difficult the time we face to face more formidable opponents of course you have to make your cheeks stronger.

Dream league Soccer apk 2019

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Evening prayer on the transfer market will play a more competitive role in buying Indian players through transfer markets by utilizing existing points or selling old players to get additional funds to get star players like Cristiano Ronaldo and Lionel Messi Neymar are expensive players.

If you want to realize your dreams with star-studded players you might have to fight extra to get coins to give them into your squad which is very unfortunate in the Dream League Soccer 2019 game, it does not provide a level of difficulty feature and the duration of play has been determined so we cannot arrange our overnight graphics which are pleasant to hear and the game and game play systems activate everything integrated in sizes less than 400MB.

Almet UGM is also friendly to the mobile specifications used with 1 RAM and can already run this game with enough mouths that are satisfying enough, plus this game can be played offline.

In conclusion, from my personal opinion, Dream League Soccer 2019 doesn’t change much from the previous version, only in the menu features that change slightly even though the menu is still the same, which is clearer in this game than the previous version.

If you have another opinion on the one list calendar in the comments column, it’s possible for your friends to be just this for a review of Dream League Soccer 2019.

Dream League Soccer Apk 2019

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Some Things which need improvement in this game:

It is very easy to hack dream league soccer 2019. There are hundreds of videos at youtube that how to hack 1M coins, anybody dose anything to fix it.

All the players treat same. No player have a special trait all the players run the same, it means no players have a special quality in it. All the players run, kick and same playing techniques.

There are no legends in this games but  the old Dream league Soccer Apk the legends present. Please bring them back.

You may Download Latest Version Dream League Soccer Apk.

Some of the of Dream League Soccer apk